tegola in alluminio goffrato

Private house – Padua


Our customer chose an aluminum pre-painted embossed roof tile in a custom light grey color to renovate his modern home.

Part of the roof was realised using standing seam metal roofing, as designed by the Architect.

The roof has been properly covered: to complete the job of fine art, we have also created custom-made elements such as chimneys with smoke-dispersing fins, the gutter, and a custom-made metal strip for the perimeter cladding.

Everything was completed in a very short time: KITE roof tile is a lightweight and easy-to-install tile thanks to its patented system!

tegola in rame

Private house – Switzerland


The roof of this house is illuminated thanks to the lights and the colours of its covering.

For this villa, located on the shores of Lake Lugano, the copper KITE roof tile was chosen.

Its sophistication and features blend perfectly with the style of the villa, especially for the parts of the roof made in an octagonal shape.

The oxidation process will create a special protective patina on the tile. Also, over time this process will change the original color: in fact, the initial orange will first become brown, and then eventually the roof tile will take on the characteristic green-blue color.

Thanks to its weight and color, KITE roof tile in natural copper is perfect for renovations of historic buildings, giving each building a prestigious appearance.

tegola in rame

Church – Shkodër, Albania


The versatility of KITE roof tile is truly infinite. Even a roof with such a sloping and bent surface does not create any problems for the installation of our tile! The Siena-red color makes the surface truly spectacular.

The roofing of this beautiful and particular Church of Shkodër, in Albania, was covered entirely with KITE, in a very short time. Ours is not just a slogan: the installation of KITE is always quick and easy!




Would you like to cover a small area with KITE roof tiles?

This was the thought of our customer when choosing the KITE Roof tile for this item in his garden.

Thanks to the production Made in Italy and the ready-to-ship material kept in our warehouse, we give you the opportunity to purchase KITE roof tiles even in small quantities.

Once again our roof tile proved to be versatile and able to adapt to every kind of constructions.